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How to Style A Footstool

How to Style A Footstool

A footstool is one of the most versatile, hero pieces of furniture you can own! Not only is it a beautiful, decorative design feature in its own right, introducing scale, colour, texture, shape and height to your scheme, it's impressive in its multifunctionality. As the name suggests, it provides an ideal spot for resting your feet on or it can double as extra seating when you have guests, but above all here at Helen Turkington we love to use a footstool as a styling surface in lieu of a coffee table.
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Styled with trays, books, candles, flowers and accessories, a footstool becomes a beautiful decorating "tablescape". As with all styling, layering is key. Use various height, textures and groupings to create pleasing tableaus - anything goes as long as there is some unity such as a common theme, colour or pattern. Remember, pairs or three in a row items are visually pleasing to the eye. As the surface can be soft, trays are great to create a stable base. A rattan or wooden tray creates a more casual country look, whereas a silver or mirrored tray is more formal and sophisticated and especially attractive in a room used at night to reflect candlelight.

Finally, no styling scape is complete without a vase and some flowers – if you have young children or pets around consider using faux to avoid spills! Pop into our Spruce Avenue store where we have lots of footstools available for you to take home or order.

Stacks of books are also good to create a solid base and to vary height levels. For added height and interest, top with a decorative, conversational piece like our bronze see no evil buddhas and add some ceramic decorative ashtrays and some candle holders in a pop of colour to coordinate with your overall colour scheme.

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