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How to style your bathroom

How to style your bathroom

Bathroom styling is very similar to every other part of your home in that it is all about layering. The biggest problem I have when organising this part of the house is that there is so much stuff to put away that I never really use, whether it’s creams, make-up etc., so for me storage is the most important thing to consider when designing a bathroom. I decided to have four large drawers built under my vanity unit to allow room for all my everyday items to stay hidden away and it leaves the top of the unit free so when you come into the bathroom it always feels really clean and organised.
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I try to style my bathroom in the stages of my daily routine: Face Cloths: I use the Helen Turkington Face Cloths all the time, for drying my hands and taking my makeup off. They are made in Turkey and the quality is incredible and they wash so well. I like to style mine on a plate or basket with about five or six folded over and stacked up against one another.

I like to use decorative jars such as our josette glass lidded jar for storing cotton balls and earbuds. I recommend styling two or three together and if you have enough room on your countertop place them there but if not they also look great on a shelf alongside each other. It is important the space doesn't become cluttered so don’t try to squeeze too much in if it doesn’t fit! If you don't have drawers in your bathroom, use a decorative tray to corral the clutter. Use baskets to store the essentials like toilet rolls etc. Invest in a good quality soap and a diffuser to keep your room smelling fresh and appeal to all the senses!

Similar to the other rooms in my house I like to style my bathroom and I will add artwork, flowers and accessories to add brightness and interest to the room. A single stem in a bud vase is all you need to make it look fresh, clean and considered. An absolute must in a bathroom is a fabulously fragranced candle. The Verbena candle from the HT Candle Collection is an ideal, fresh scent and my go-to for a brightly lit bathroom but if it is dimly lit and a bit cozier I would use a Black Cedar candle to reflect the mood. For the bath area, I like to add some candlelight in the form of pillar tealight holders. One scented candle is enough for any space so the smaller candles will add atmosphere without being too overwhelming. In regard to larger towels, I would hang mine on a towel rail but if you haven't got one, a really nice basket looks great layered with all the folded towels - but again, make sure the towels are good quality. When you have a stone or tile floor it can make a bathroom feel quite cold so I would always advise a good quality bath mat to add warmth and comfort. I would use the larger-sized bath mat in front of the bath and then one in front of each basin in the room if you are lucky enough to have a double vanity. Finally, for the full spa like experience, indulge yourself with a quality bathrobe.

How to style your bathroom

Scented candles are a key essential for every bathroom as they help create a calming and peaceful ambiance. As well as providing an aroma, scented candles can create a soft, warm glow in the bathroom.

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