We recommend a professional cleaning service for most of our fabrics*. Never soak or saturate the material. Routine vacuuming or light brushing is recommended. Test any fabric cleaner in an inconspicuous location. Pilling is natural: remove with a lint or fabric shaver. Always blot, do not rub.  Darker colours will fade over time and beware of colour transfer from dark to light fabrics.  If using an item as a footstool, always ensure you place a protective barrier such as a glass top or tray (being careful the underside is suitable/will not colour transfer or pull the fabric) on the surface.

Dry-dust or vacuum regularly. Avoid direct sunlight. Immediately tend to spills. Blot with dry, clean cloth. Do not saturate.


Brush with soft suede brush and vacuum occasionally.

Dry clean only.

We recommend a professional cleaning service. Do not remove cushion or pillow casing for separate cleaning. Clean all pieces at once.


*Some of our products, such as our hand finished block print materials, are perfectly imperfect and may fade – avoid using these in a high traffic area as they are not suitable for cleaning, even professionally.