Tulip Cushion – Khaki – Helen Turkington

Tulip Cushion – Khaki

Tulip Cushion - Khaki
Tulip Cushion - Khaki
Tulip Cushion – Khaki

Discover the artistry behind our exquisite creations, all meticulously handmade in a cherished family-run business in India. Through traditional Indian block printing methods, we bring you a unique range of products that embody the beauty of craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

From selecting the blocks to the careful choice of colours, all brought to life by Helen.

This Range comes to life through the skilled hands of artisans using the time-honored Indian block printing techniques. Every design is printed by hand, ensuring that each piece exudes its own character and charm. This meticulous approach creates an enchanting allure that cannot be replicated by machine-made alternatives. Using natural dyes and pigments, we achieve vibrant, eco-friendly colours that not only look stunning but also preserve the essence of this artistic heritage.

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Dimensions: 50x50 cm
Composition: 100% Linen*

To complement the artistry of Indian block printing, we exclusively use 100% Linen fabric, chosen for its natural elegance and exceptional quality. This choice not only accentuates the printing's richness but also ensures durability, making our products cherished heirlooms for generations to come.

The cherished partnership between Helen and this family-run business in India nurtures the creation of extraordinary products that celebrate the beauty of art and culture. With vibrant colours, meticulous printing techniques, and the finest 100% Linen fabric, our collections stand as a testament to the timeless allure of handmade creations, inviting you to embrace the magic of Indian block printing in your everyday life.

*Machine wash on gentle cycle with mild detergent